Business Skills Building for T4D

These resources are intended for either IT or Programme Staff looking to learn more about project management, business analysis, and project planning.

The nature of T4D and innovation projects means that staff must often develop a business case, oversee consultants, and participate in a business analysis. Identifying and implementing a technology solution within a UNICEF programme should be as rigorous as it is for any private business. It is not expected that UNICEF staff undertake the entire business analysis themselves– this process can be outsourced to consultants and vendors. Therefore it becomes essential that staff understand the steps and reasoning involved in the business processes and develop project management skills that include an understanding of common software development approaches.

Recommendations for building business skills for T4D:

  • Country Offices should conduct an assessment of current staff capacities and identify which aspects of business analysis and project management can be handled in-house vs. outsourced to external vendors.
  • While Country Office staff may not find it necessary to achieve certification in specific project management skill sets, understanding the basics of approaches such as Agile and Scrum methodologies will improve work with external partners.
  • There are a number of project management and business planning resources and certifications already available through UNICEF Skillport.  Staff should be encouraged to include these courses in their personal Learning Plans in order to access UNICEF resources for professional development.

UNICEF-Supported Trainings:

Provider Title Description
UNICEF Skillport Business Planning Essentials 1 hour Online Course: Business plans, analyses, implementation prep, Free
UNICEF Skillport PMBOK Project Scope Management Online Course: Requirements, work breakdown, monitoring
UNICEF Skillport Prince2 2009 Project Management Foundations Online Course: General project management, Free
UNICEF Skillport Certified Business Analysis Professional Online Course: General business analysis, Free
UNICEF Skillport PMI Project Management Professional Online Course: General project management, Free
UNICEF Skillport PMI Agile Certified Practioner Online Course: Agile, Free
UNICEF Skillport Prince2 Certification Online Course: General project management, Free
UNICEF Skillport Certified ScrumMaster (Scrum Alliance) Online Course: Scrum, Free

External Trainings:

Provider Title Description
ThoughtWorks Studio Agile Project Management 3 Day Workshop: Agile project management, $16,500/workshop
ThoughtWorks Studio Agile Business Analysis 3 Day Workshop: Agile project management, $16,500/workshop
University of Manchester MSc ICTs for Development Graduate Program: Aims to create the ‘ICT4D champions’ who combine the necessary skills to see ICT4D projects through to sustainable delivery of development goals, $25,000

Tools and Resources:

Provider Title Description
ThoughtWorks Mingle (Agile App) Software Application: Agile project management, Free and paid versions available

Sample Terms of Reference:

UNICEF Global Innovations has compiled sample ToRs for Innovation Lab staff. The following could be useful for business-related competencies:

  • Lab Lead
  • Tech4Dev Coordinator
  • Production Coordinator

See the sample ToRs here:

For more information:


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