Subject Matter/Programme Skills Building for T4D

These resources are intended for either IT or Programme Staff looking to learn more about specific applications of technology for programme areas or methodologies for innovation.

In addition to the general project management skills for T4D, UNICEF staff may want to familiarize themselves with specific applications of technology or innovative design processes that could be useful for programme needs.  Real-time data collection, health care, emergency response, and citizen reporting include just a few fields where rapid advances in technology are being made. Keeping up with these trends is important in order to help UNICEF staff make good business decisions about potential vendors and to understand the challenges of implementing these solutions.  In addition to trainings and workshops, there are number of guides and frameworks that can be used for the conceptualization and planning of specific T4D and innovation projects.

Recommendations for building subject matter skills for T4D:

  • While there are multitude of exciting technologies and projects that exist, Country Offices should approach these resources with some caution.  It is essential that a technology is not chosen before thorough problem definition and business analysis. Projects should be programme need-driven, not technology solution-driven.
  • As UNICEF works to improve MoRES and especially Level 3 Monitoring, the benefits of real-time data collection should be carefully assessed to find the best way to integrate these into UNICEF’s M&E Operations.
  • It should be noted that Tech Change offers group rates for their online courses. Country Offices interested in specific trainings should contact the Regional Office in order to coordinate participation for these trainings.

External Trainings:

Provider Title Description
Stanford d.School Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking 90 minute Webinar: Design thinking, Free
TechChange Introduction to Mobile Money 2 hour Webinar: Mobile money, cash transfer, Free
TechChange The Art of Advocacy Webinar: Social media, information campaigns, outreach, Free
TechChange Open Government Informational Video: Open government, Citizen reporting, Free
TechChange Digital Organizing and Open Government Informational Video: Open government, Citizen reporting, Free
TechChange TC109: Technology for Conflict Management and Peacebuilding Online Course: GIS, Participatory Mapping, conflict analysis, $445
TechChange TC103: Tech Tools and Skills for Emergency Management Online Course: Crisis mapping, crowd mapping, $445
TechChange TC309: mHealth- Mobile Phones for Public Health Online Course mHealth and Public Health, $445
TechChange TC110: Social Media for Social Change Online Course: Social media platforms, big data, strategy, $445
TechChange TC105: Mobiles for International Development Online Course: Data collection, banking, agriculture, surveys, $445
TechChange TC141: Mapping for International Development Online Course: GIS, Open data mapping, Ushaidi, $445
TechChange TC104: Digital Organizing and Open Government Online Course: Social Media analytics, big data, crowdhall, capacity building, $445
Keystone Theory of Change, Impact Assessment Consulting and Trainings: Theory of Change and designing impact assessments

Tools and Resources:

Provider Title Description
frog design Collective Action Toolkit Toolkit/worksheets: Participatory/Community planning, ideation, prototyping HCD Toolkit Toolkit/worksheets: Human Centred Design
UNICEF Child-Friendly Technology Framework Toolkit/worksheets: Project design and planning, concept notes
UNICEF mHealth Framework Planning Framework: mHealth project design, stakeholder mapping
Feedback Labs Citizen Reporting Research and blog: Open government, Citizen reporting
mHealth Alliance Various mHealth Research Research and Publications: mHealth applications
mHealth Alliance Health Unbound (HUB) Knowledge Sharing Platform Peer-to-Peer/Communities of Practice: Various mHealth topics
mHealth Alliance mHealth Expert Learning Program (mHELP) Consulting and Toolkits: Aimed at building the expertise and capacity of global health stakeholders using mobile technology for health by connecting them directly to consultations, tools and a network of highly qualified experts in the field.
MIT Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation M&E Tool:Measuring impact of technology tools.

Sample Terms of Reference:

UNICEF Global Innovations has compiled sample Terms of Reference for Innovation Lab staff. The following could be useful for subject matter-specific competencies:

  • Full Time Designer
  • Program Office for Youth Engagement
  • Ushaidi Mapping Deployment

See the sample ToRs here:

For more information:


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